Hot flashes. Prostate. Sleep. Thyroid. Diabetes. Menopause. Andropause. Libido. Energy. Toxins.

The list goes on and on, a veritable 'who’s who' in medical physiology. The common denominator? Hormone imbalance.


Utilizing the Institute for Functional Medicine protocols, and home test kits from ZRT Labs, we offer answers to your questions. We start with a basic SALIVA sex and stress HORMONE PANEL for men and women.

The Hormone Balance Program Includes:

SALIVA TESTING for steroid hormones;

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol

60 minute consultation with a health care practitioner trained in Functional Medicine

Includes first jar of bio-identical hormones (topical) 2 oz/60 gm

Core food plans, guidebook, and recipes 

$485.00 (all-inclusive pricing - valued at $975)


Add-on testing is available for Adrenal, Thyroid, and Sleep Imbalance; Infertility;

Accelerated Aging;Toxic Heavy Metals and Elements; and Neurotransmitters.




“I believe everyone is empowered with common sense, and many people simply need more information to make better lifestyle choices. We support the community with FREE health educational seminars. Let us help you laugh & learn on the road to better health...that would be a good start for everyone and a great benefit to the community.” 
   - L. J. Krause, LPTA
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