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This bio-identical hormone lotion is formulated to support healthy skin, bone, and hormone health. This is the best in the world. The actives are 3-in-1, and in proportion to each other. The actives, Progesterone (Pg), DHEA, and Estriol (E3) come from PCCA, the best in the compounding pharmacy business. Your skin will thank you, your bones, and, your libido too.


The base is anhydrous, or without water. An anhydrous base compliments bio-identical hormones better than a water base. The base is certified harsh chemical-free, and synthetic-hormone free. It is 91% organic, and 9% natural ingredients with aloe # 1


You supplement with bio-identical hormones because your body simply makes less and less of them as time goes by. This is normal aging. What is not normal is accelerated aging. For example; after menopause or andropause, we lose about 2% of our skin each year. In 25 years that is 50%. Utilizing bio-identical hormones reduces the loss from 2% to 0.2%, from 50% to 5%. This is a significant difference.


Additionally, where skin health goes, so too do the bones. Osteoporosis is quieted. Go through 1-2 jars and observe the results. If unsure, go to Testing, and buy the basic hormone home-testing kit (ZRT Labs).

Hormone Balance for Women

  • Shake well and store upside down. The actives, while micronized, can settle and airless pumps often need priming. If needed, push up with a pin through the hole in the bottom.


    If over the age of 40: 2 pumps to hands, apply to clean skin, especially face, neck, and upper chest. Do this every night until it is gone, about 2.-2.5 months. After that, decrease frequency to every other night, or as you feel needed.