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  This bio-identical hormone lotion is formulated to support a healthy sleep and stress response, and a healthy immune system. The bio-identical hormone Melatonin is the master hormone that regulates the sleep cycle, which in turn, regulates stress. It is also the most powerful anti-oxidant known to date. The former statement is well known, the latter is not. This has benefits to the heart in particular and general health in general. Vitamin D is crucial for immune system support and is deficient in most people. Vitamin D is really a hormone, not a vitamin. The actives come from PCCA, the best in the compounding pharmacy business.


The base is anhydrous, or without water. An anhydrous base compliments bio-identical hormones better than a water base. The base is certified harsh chemical-free, and synthetic-hormone free. It is 91% organic, and 9% natural ingredients with aloe # 1


You supplement with bio-identical hormones because your body simply makes less and less of them as time goes by. You are seeking to mimic natural production.


Go through 1-2 jars and observe the results. If unsure, go to Testing, and buy the basic SLEEP home-testing kit (ZRT Labs).

Sleep Solutions

  • Shake well before use. The actives, while micronized, can settle and airless pumps often need priming. If needed, push up with a pin through the hole in the bottom.


    As needed, 2 pumps to hands, apply to clean skin, especially face, neck, and upper chest. Do this every night until it is gone, about 2 months. After that, use as you feel needed. Melatonin and Vitamin D are completely safe and natural.