Laura's Story

I met Laurie and Dr. Gerken at a trade show and learned about how unbalanced hormones can cause all kinds of symptoms. After the show, I was invited to one of their office seminars, where I learned even more and knew I had to get tested. I took home a saliva hormone and Vitamin D test and also took the online quiz.
My problem was getting worse as the days went on. I had a general fatigue and weight gain around my waist that seemed to be getting bigger every day. I was getting so depressed with myself. I was snapping at my husband and the lack of energy sure didn't help. I didn't know what to do or why I was so blaa all the time. I felt better just knowing I wasn't dreaming up all my symptoms and that soon I'd be getting the help I needed.
After the first month, I could definitely feel my body changing! I have more energy and my diet routine is so easy. I don't miss meals; because I know how to eat better and have the proper supplements I was missing. I have less PMS symptoms and my tummy is flatter; less anxiety and am feeling better adjusted with myself.
I know I'm on track, it is with a little help from the professionals at Dr. Gerken's™. I tell and encourage everyone to get help if they are feeling PMS all the time and can't seem to figure out all the weird symptoms...you are not losing your mind, you just need to get tested!
You'll be glad you did!”

Jenny's Story

“My name is Jenny and I had the worst skin break-out and it scared me to see it getting worse after 3 weeks, so I made an appointment with a dermatologist and he prescribed a cortical cream to apply topically and told me to get off all my supplements, which I have been taking for years?!
I was diagnosed with a type of psoriasis that made my skin itch all the time. It was so embarrassing and painful! I just wanted to rip my skin off and hide. I felt terrible, but also knew I couldn't stay on a steroid cream the rest of my life. A friend told me about Dr. Gerken's™ Health Spa and said 'they do all kinds of skin care and nutritional stuff'. Amy told me she gets her facials there, and said she used to have 'plugged pores, dirty skin'. You'd never know it. Anyway, I called for an appointment, I filled out some forms and got some pictures taken, took an online quiz at home and did a skin scan. Okay, now what?
After my quiz, my results came back, and I was started on a detox program to rid my body from toxic overload. After my shake, I started my daily walking routine, with a special tape I'd listen to. After 4 weeks, I was finished with the detox program and a special cream Dr. Gerken made for me. My welts were mending and they were disappearing, which meant less itching and I could sleep through the night without scratching my skin raw.
I'm very thankful for all the help and support I needed. I know I am getting my life back! I have a very stressful job plus am a caretaker for my mother, but I'm learning how to 'find balance' as Laurie would say 'one day at a time.' ”

Jenny G.

Fort Myers, FL

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Other Success Stories

I purchased Dr. Gerken's™ Topical Melatonin with Vitamin-D, because Dr. Gerken told me this product is safe to use every night, un-like the prescription sleep aid I was using. The best part is that I'm sleeping and dreaming….I have not had a dream in 20 years, until I purchased this product. I just rub on a couple daps & sleep. I'm dreaming every night in color & sometimes it's like a motion picture. I can't believe what I have been missing. For only $38.00 dollars I'm rested & love my new dream world. Thank you Dr. Gerken for such a great product!”

Jack W. - Now Dreamscaping!

Fort Myers, FL

“I love my new product, I'm 85 years old and didn't sleep for 3 years, after my husband passed away. I would flip & flop all night long, making the night last forever. I tried drug store sleeping tablets & they didn't work. I used prescription drugs for absolute necessity, but I was afraid of long term use and side effects. I saw an ad in our church bulletin about "Sleepless in Fort Myers" and decided I wanted to try Dr. Gerken's™ product. To my surprise my very first night I felt a calming difference & I actually slept for 5 hours. No more flip-flopping & clock watching. I'm just amazed how much better I feel.
Oh, I have another story to tell you about my blood pressure. It has dropped to what the doctor would call normal for most. I was diagnosed with hypertension years ago & of course my doctor wanted to put me on a pill to reduce it. I don't do well on medications, side effects from drugs make me feel so bad, I feel best not taking them. Well to tell the rest of my story is that the Melatonin in Dr. Gerken's™ product has helped lower my Blood pressure too, BP 127/76. He said Melatonin helps vessels relax too, so they are not as tight or constricted, better blood flow. I know it has worked for me, I'm sleeping & have so much more energy at 85, I feel great!”

Dorothy K. - Age: 85, Counting Sheep, Not Seconds

Fort Myers, FL

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“Hi, I have MS and don't sleep well mostly due from pain. I personally know Dr. Gerken and Laurie and my most recent product Dr. Gerken compounded for me was the Melatonin & D-3. I was truly amazed by how well this product helped me sleep. I'm getting 6 hours straight! If I do wake up, I just roll over & fall back asleep again. This is such a wonderful product, I would recommend it for anybody having difficulties with pain and sleepless nights. Thank you Dr. Gerken & Laurie for all you do for me”

Cathy S. - Enjoying a Full Nights Rest

Fort Myers, FL

“I tried the Topical Melatonin and Vitamin-D product for a better sleep and I just could not believe this worked so well, I thought it must be a drug. So I called Laurie and asked her what was in the Melatonin cream? She assured me it was all natural, safe, nontoxic, but 99.9% compounded pure pharmaceutical grade Melatonin, the real McCoy. She also told me how fortunate I was to have such great results, that my $38.00 cream will probably last a year, just taking 1/10 of a normal dose. Not all products are produced with quality grade ingredients and the fact that the Melatonin is a topical cream it doesn't go through the body like a table. So I'm convinced I got a great product for a wonderful price!Thank you Laurie for your help & I'll see you in a year.”

Linda L. - High Quality Results, High Quality Product

Fort Myers, FL

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